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At Completely Clean we specialize in providing Quality Business Cleaning. We understand that to be a Quality Office Cleaning Company you not only need good cleaning staff, but just as importantly they should be supported by a tightly run Quality Inspection Program. This is the level of service we deliver, and that’s what makes us unique.

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Office Cleaning Melbourne - Consistency and Quality
This is delivered via our “Quality Inspections Program”.

Every one of our clients is enrolled and programmed into our “Quality Inspections Program” regardless of the size of their business. We conduct Regular Quality Inspections on site from day one to ensure that nothing gets missed in the changeover. We then automatically program out the next 12 months ahead, for either weekly, fortnightly or monthly inspections. Our Quality Control Personnel stay in communication with our clients long after the start up, to ensure that the entire site is maintained as agreed to in our specifications.

Office Cleaning Melbourne- Standards
When you choose us to take care of your premises, the first step we do is come to your site and determine exactly what is “Needed and Wanted”. We then draw up a list of specifications that are tailor made to suite your business, and verified by you.

Those specifications are then worked into our Cleaner Checksheets, and Inspection Checklists. This system empowers our staff to standardly deliver quality cleaning and inspections each time we clean and inspect your premises.

Office Cleaning Melbourne - Trained Cleaners
Quality cleaning needed research to find out what a potential client expected from a professional company.

For that reason we developed our own special ‘Cleaner Training Course’, that expertly trains all of our cleaners to deliver exactly what our clientele need.

Our proven method of training teaches service basics, gradually building to the point where the staff member can deliver Quality Cleaning each and every time.

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